Maximize Your Financial Aid (Grants & Scholarships) Eligibility

Maximize Your Financial Aid (Grants & Scholarships) Eligibility

Maximize Your Financial Aid (Grants & Scholarships) EligibilityMaximize Your Financial Aid (Grants & Scholarships) Eligibility

Best-Fit Major and Career Pick


Career Assessment Test

  • Career Personality  
  • Career Interest   
  • Career Skills   
  • Career Value  

Develop Career Portfolio

  • Summarize students' assessment  results, discuss their career personality, interests, skills and values based on the test and develop their preferred majors, occupations, goals and achievements.
  • Evaluate the strengths and  weaknesses of students’ academic program. 
  • Make recommendations for their next step in the application process and future course work.          

By using this reliable and intuitive career and education decision making tool, you and your college bound students will be able to choose the college or university that best suits their future career goals.

College Admission Guidance

Best-Fit School and Grant & Scholarship Search


  • College Planning Checklist
  • Roadmap with all Timelines & Deadlines
  • A preliminary list of colleges that meet the student's interests, academic profile, possible majors and the family's financial situation
  • Personalized college scholarship eligibility report,  based on student's test score (SAT/ACT and GPA)
  • Personalized Chances-of-Enrollment Report 

Application Process


  • Application Checklist
  • A thorough overview of the college application process including: timeline, application components, deadlines, etc.

Grant & Scholarship and Financial Aid work


College Funding Strategies

  • Analyze all family members' financial data: parents' income & assets and students' income & assets.
  • Generate a personal college financial evaluation report to pin-point key factors in your financial landscape and where you might be missing-out on funding opportunities. 
  • Generate your own financial comparison charts to see your potential savings with college funding strategies (Before & After Strategies).
  • Maximize your financial aid eligibility by lowering the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) according to your financial situation. 
  • Customize strategies to reduce college costs.  
  • Cash-Flow strategies to minimize out-of-pocket costs.
  • Tax reduction strategies for business owners.

Financial Aid Form Preparation

  • File financial aid application form(s): FAFSA or CSS Profile
  • Other need-based financial aid forms required by the specific college. Some schools have their own need-based forms which are as important as the FAFSA and CSS Profile.

Award Analysis, Negotiation and Appeals

  • Review the Student Aid Report
  • Verify information
  • Review and compare award letter offers
  • Appeal any special circumstances