Is Private College Too Expensive For You?

The most expensive colleges today are elite private colleges at a minimum of $68,000 per year. Although the rate of increase in college costs has slowed, the prices continues to rise. 

If your students are going to college within the next four years, the projected cost of an elite college from 2018 - 2021 could soar as high as $334,000 for a four-year degree. The national average cost for a four-year public college is over $28,000 per year, and the average cost for a four-year private college is over $59,000. These are only today’s prices. 

The table projects these costs for future years, assuming a 6.5% (public) and 4.5% (private) annual increase in the total cost of attendance (Onink, Troy. "College Costs Could Total As Much As $334,000 In Four Years." 31 May 2015). 

How do most families deal with this high cost?

  • Spend their savings?
  • Borrow to oblivion?
  • Count on a miracle scholarship?
  • Go to a less desirable school because it is less expensive?
  • Join the military?
  • Don't go to college at all?

What about you? Which must your family choose?

Bright College Planning is Here To Help You!!

How Are You Going to Pay for COLLEGE? Are You Prepared? Or

  • Do you want to minimize the financial pain of paying for the rising cost of college education?
  • Do you want to minimize your out-of-pocket money?
  • Do you want to discover other sources of money to help pay for college regardless how much money you make?
  • Are you worried of not getting any grant/scholarship because you make over average?
  • Do you want ideas to cut tuition costs for high-income / high-net-worth families?
  • Do you want to discover how to minimize the impact of the “hidden” internal costs in my investments and use the savings to pay for college?

If yes, let Bright College Planning help you! 

Let our Certified College Funding Specialist help you!

What is "BRIGHT" College Financial Planning?

  • Restructure Your Assets
  • Eliminate Your High Cost Debt
  • Reduce Your Taxes
  • Identify and Reduce Hidden Expenses
  • Cut College Costs Using Proven Cash Flow Strategies

What We Do

Best-Fit College and Career Guidance

The Cost of College is Sky Rocketing !!

It is very important for students to pick the right school, the right major and right career so that they are able to complete their studies within four years, not five or six years. Not spending unnecessary years in college could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars.

College Admission Guidance

Are you panicked with the mystique surrounding today's college admissions process?  Are you worried about making mistakes when guiding your children to their best-fit college? Let me help your students with the admission process.    

Grant & Scholarship and Financial Aid Work

As the number of applications increase, college admissions become increasingly more competitive, and schools don’t have to entice students with financial aid anymore! Let your professional funding specialist help you complete the financial aid forms (FAFSA or CSS Profile) and maximize your Financial Aid Eligibility (Grants & scholarships).  


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