Grant & Scholarship and Financial Aid Work

College Funding Strategies

  •  Analyze all family members' financial data: parents' income & asset and students' income & asset.
  • Generate your own college financial evaluation report to pin-point key factors in your financial landscape where you might have missing-out on funding opportunities. 
  • Generate your own financial comparison charts to see your potential savings with college funding strategies (Before & After strategies)
  • Maximize your financial aid eligibility by lowering the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) according to your financial situation. 
  • Customized strategies to reduce college costs  
  • Cash-Flow strategies to minimize out-of-pocket costs
  • College Cost Saving - Tax Reduction strategies for business owners

Financial Aid Form PreparationAnnounce coming events

  • File the financial aid application form(s): FAFSA or CSS Profile
  • Other need-based financial aid forms required by the specific college: some schools have their own need-based forms which are as important as the FAFSA and CSS Profile

Award Analysis, Negotiation and Appeals

  • Review the Student Aid Report
  • Verification of information
  • Review and compare award letter offers
  • Appeal any special circumstances